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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Early this week, I installed a new gem called capybara-firebug. This is a very useful gems. I have been wanting to enable firebug when running the test. Previously, I can pause my web test but I cannot inspect the web element as firebug is not enable. This capybara-firebug gems solve my problem and is very helpful to debug my web test.

For more information about capybara-firebug, please visit
Extract from the readme files:
capybara-firebug provides a dead-simple way to run scenarios with Firebug enabled under the selenium driver.

1. Install the gem
2. require 'capybara/firebug' in env.rb
3. Tag a scenario with @firebug
4. Run it

Please note that Capybara-firebug requires capybara version and cucumber 0.10.0.

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