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Monday, October 18, 2010

Debug your Web Test with ruby-debug

Ruby-debug has been giving me alot of help in debugging my cucumber web test. I use ruby-debug to pause my web testing so that I can check the variables values and to see what causes the test to fail on the websites.

To install ruby-debug gems, please visit this page

I created a simple steps definitions to invoke ruby-debug:

When /^I go into debug mode$/ do
require 'ruby-debug'

Then, I can simply use the steps definition in any cucumber scenario.

Scenario: A simple google search scenario
Given I am on the main google search
And I search for ""
And I click on the search button
And I go into debug mode
And I click on the first result
Then I should land on the qastuffs blog

The above cucumber scenario will run the browser to to do a search on Then it will hit the debug mode and it will pause. You will see the following text "(rdb:1) on your console where you can print your test variables.

To see all of commands that you can run in ruby-debug, simply type in "h" and press enter

(rdb:1) h
ruby-debug help v0.10.3
Type 'help ' for help on a specific command

Available commands:
backtrace delete enable help next quit show up
break disable eval info p reload step var
catch display exit irb pp restart thread where
condition down finish list ps save trace
continue edit frame method putl set undisplay

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