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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Capybara version 0.4 coming soon

Apparently Capybara version 0.4 could be out this weekend. I have been using capybara version 0.3.9 and so far found no issues for my projects. I will try the new version soon and hopefully my project can run with no issues. One improvement in version 0.4 that might be beneficial for my project is that the CSS selectors can now support multiple selectors such as "h1, h2", previously it only recognises one selector.

So if you have the following code:

< div id='test_1' class='field_1 field_2' >.inner_text

Then you can only select @document.css(".field_1").inner_text in version 0.3.9. However, in version 0.4 I assume I should be able to do something like @document.css(".field_1, .field_2").inner_text.

The other bug fix that might make the test more stable is the fix for some obscure selenium bugs by changing the default from localhost to

To see the complete changes to version 0.4.0.rc, please visit Capybara site.

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